Uprooting Legacy Weeds in Technology Greenfields

Information security presents some of IT’s hardest challenges and trade-offs. Security becomes even harder at scale, and when legacy is involved. Karseten Nohl, Cryptographer and Security Researching, dive into the story of securing Jio, the world’s largest start-up and fastest growing telco operator, offering lessons for anybody connecting old systems to the Internet

Tel Aviv 2017
Karsten Nohl
Cryptographer and Chief Scientist
Karsten Nohl is cryptographer and one of the most renowned white hats, with a focus on critical infrastructures. Karsten has spoken widely on security gaps since 2006. Karsten’s team has uncovered flaws in mobile communication, payment, and other widely-used infrastructures. In his work as Interim CISO at Jio and as CISO at Axiata, Karsten engineers security to protect 300 million subscribers.