Regulation, Risk & Reward

Former NSA Director General Keith Alexander and former FBI Deputy Director Sean Joyce discuss their concerns about the future threat landscape — noting North Korea and Iran’s significant investment in cyber and their persistence to infiltrate networks. Sean and General Alexander share their belief that a stronger partnership, faster sharing, and more trust between the government and private sector will enable defense to be resilient in this increasingly complex environment. 

New York 2017
Gen. Keith Alexander & Sean Joyce
Former Leaders
General (Ret.) Keith Alexander
CEO of IronNet & Former Director, NSA

One of the foremost authorities on cybersecurity in the world, retired four-star army general Gen. Alexander was previously the highest-ranked military official of USCYBERCOM, NSA/CSS, where he led DoD agencies during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq when attempted cyber attacks against the US were on the rise. In recognition of cyber’s increasing importance, President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates appointed Gen. Alexander as the first commander of USCYBERCOM, a newly created military institution charged with defending the nation’s security in cyberspace against sophisticated cyber threats to businesses and government operations in an increasingly interconnected world.

Sean Joyce

US Cybersecurity & Privacy practice leader, PwC & Former Deputy Director with the FBI, Sean is a Principal in PwC’s Advisory Practice, where he is the US Cybersecurity & Privacy practice leader and a member of PwC's Global Cyber Strategy Team. Sean also leads the US and Global Financial Crimes Unit focusing on cybersecurity, anti money laundering and sanctions, fraud, and anti-bribery/anti corruption.Since joining PwC, Sean has worked with many clients in various sectors providing strategic guidance, investigative support, technological changes, incident breach response and cyber security advice. Most notably, Sean has consulted in some of the most prolific cyber breaches, providing guidance and expertise to top executives. Previously, Sean served as the Deputy Director with the FBI, and had daily oversight of the 36,000 men and women of the FBI and its 8 billion dollar annual budget.