Quantum Safe Encryption

Bob Blakley, Global Head of Information Security Innovation talks about our “safety margin” reality related to a quantum computer which will be capable of solving problems in an afternoon that beforehand took hundreds of thousands of year. “There is a 1 in 7 chance that we will have a quantum computer capable of breaking RSA 2048 by the year of 2026, that’s 10 years from now, and a one in two chance, that such a computer will exist by 2030 which is 15 years from now…” he argues.

New York 2016
Bob Blakley
Global Head Information Security Innovation
Bob is an Information Security, Risk, Identity and Privacy
expert. He was general chair of the IEEE Security and
Privacy Symposium and the ACSA New Security Paradigms
workshop. He was awarded the ACSAC’s Distinguished
Security Practitioner award and frequently speak
at information security and computer industry events.
Bob was also the general editor of the OMG CORBA
Security specification and the OASIS SAML specification
and was the first Chair of the OATH Joint Coordinating
Committee. He participated in the National Academy of
Sciences panels “Authentication Technologies and Their
Privacy Implications” and “Whither Biometrics.”
Bob holds 19 patents in cryptography and information security, and publishes regularly in the academic literature
on information security and privacy.