Optimize Security ROI for Today’s Threat Landscape

Tom Parker, Accenture’s Group Technology Officer, questions how we measure ROI on security investments and what determines a good decision.

New York 2017
Tom Parker
Group Technology Officer
Accenture Security
Tom Parker is the Group Technology Officer of Accenture Security and a recognized thought leader in the security industry. He co-founded FusionX, which was acquired by Accenture in August 2015. Tom is known for his research in multiple areas, including adversary and threat profiling, and software vulnerability. Tom has more than 15 years of deep experience in providing security expertise to some of the world’s largest organizations, across a diverse cross-section of industries. He is a seasoned security consulting practice strategist with a highly technical and specialized background, and extensive leadership experience. Tom has formulated the go-to-market strategy and services portfolios for multiple high-profile and successful organizations