Keeping Britain Safe in Cyberspace: What Government Can Do

Matthew Gould, Director General for Digital and Media Policy, challenges the assumption that government gets cyber wrong. Looking after the UK’s digital economy, Gould proposes that the perception of safety for doing business online will be critical to a country’s success.

London 2016
Matthew Gould
Director General for Digital and Media Policy
UK Government
In his previous role as British ambassador to Israel, Matthew set up the UK Israel tech hub, which laid the foundations for the UK and Israel’s powerful tech relationship. He also led the Cabinet Office’s cyber security unit as its Director of Cyber Security and Information Assurance, focused on keeping Britain safe from cyber attack.

Matthew’s previous roles also include serving as principal private secretary in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and as private secretary for foreign affairs in the Prime Minister’s office.

Matthew has worked in Tehran, Islamabad, Washington and Manila. This international expertise will help the Government deliver its ambitions to help UK digital businesses expand across the world.