Deception Everywhere

Find out how 10,000 attack vectors can become a quarter of a million by turning the attacker into the gambler.
Shlomo Touboul, shows how every endpoint can become a deceiving entity that
only the attacker can see — non finger-printable, diverse and dynamic.

New York 2016
Shlomo Touboul
Former CEO
Illusive Networks
Shlomo is a Senior Inventor and Executive with more than 30 years of success in cyber security, internet, networking, DBMS and communications. A visionary leader with an innovative global perspective, Shlomo has a proven ability to invent breaking through technology solutions and create aggressive product delivery and marketing campaigns. Shlomo holds over 40 patents including first ever malware detection via static and dynamic behavioral analysis, integrated software and hardware cyber solutions, deception methods etc. He leverages his financial acumen, technical expertise, and business savvy to drive organizational growth. His areas of expertise include intellectual property, fundraising, marketing and sales, entrepreneurship, patents, business development, trading alliances, and M&A both from buyer and seller sides.