Cyber Illusions and Deceptions

Shlomo Touboul, offers one way to improve the asymmetric advantage of the attackers – who can be wrong 99% of the time, and still succeed.

Tel Aviv 2016
Shlomo Touboul
Former CEO
Illusive Networks
Shlomo is a serial cybersecurity entrepreneur, founded Shany in 1985, a leader in Application Management products acquired by Intel in 1994. Shlomo led the network management business unit of Intel and left to found Finjan Software in 1996. Shlomo is named as an inventor on a number of Finjan patents covering behavior-based technologies for identifying and deflecting malicious code from accessing endpoint devices across networks and the internet. Shlomo is recognized internationally as a thought leader in the cybersecurity space as he has both founded and advised a number of companies in this sector.