Cybersecurity in a Post-Human Centric World or Industry 4.0

Nadav Zafrir, Founder & CEO of Team8 shares what he believes to be the industry’s imminent challenge — operational systems that use protocols designed 3 decades ago in a pre-connected world. If machine networks won’t recreate themselves and humans are becoming trivialized from the process, how do you optimize your cyber posture?

London 2016
Nadav Zafrir
Founder & CEO
Nadav is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Team8. Previously, Nadav was the Commander of the IDF’s Technology & Intelligence Unit 8200 (Israel’s NSA), as well as founder of the IDF Cyber Command. Nadav brings 25 years of extensive experience in cyber leadership. Nadav holds an LL.B from the Interdisciplinary Centre and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University and Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.