Comprehensive Cybersecurity

As our technology and networking increases, cyber-based exploits and attacks continue to have global devastating physical and economic effects. General Keith Alexander, a retired four-star general, former head of NSA and first Commander of U.S. Cyber Command, discusses the rapid change in technology, examines the global state of affairs, what’s on the horizon, and provides insights to problems in our current network and design. Based on his experience in both the government and private sector, Alexander articulates a road map to bridge the gap between governments and private sector industries and how these two entities can work together to disrupt the adversary through information sharing.

Tel Aviv 2017
General Keith Alexander
CEO of IronNet & Former Director, NSA
IronNet Cybersecurity
Gen. Keith Alexander (Ret.), Founder and CEO of IronNet Cybersecurity, is one of the foremost authorities on cybersecurity in the world. A retired four-star army general, Gen. Alexander was previously the highest-ranked military official of USCYBERCOM, NSA/CSS, where he led DoD agencies during the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq when attempted cyber attacks against the US were on the rise. In recognition of cyber’s increasing importance, President Barack Obama and Defense Secretary Robert Gates appointed Gen. Alexander as the first commander of USCYBERCOM, a newly created military institution charged with defending the nation’s security in cyberspace against sophisticated cyber threats to businesses and government operations in an increasingly interconnected world.

A leader with vision and a pragmatic approach to tackling the ever-changing cyber threat landscape, Gen Alexander built IronNet to bring this knowledge and experience to the private sector and fill in a critical gap between cyber threats and available security technology. IronNet provides best-in-class cyber defense based on complex behavioral modeling, big-data analytics and advanced computing capability. Gen Alexander holds a BS from the US Military Academy, an MS in Business Administration from Boston University and MS degrees in Systems Technology, Physics and National Security Strategy.